The Economics of an Authentic Vintage Designer Handbags

Chanel Handbag

Chanel Handbag

With the effect of our current economic downturn still hurting business community, consumer products that are for high end users usually are the first to smart the outcome during financial crunch time.

One such affected industry is fashion. Moreover, women accessories such as handbags made by world top haute couture commands steep prices only the very rich can afford.

Chanel Diamond Forever

Chanel Diamond Forever $261,000 handbag

A little over a year ago Chanel came out with the world’s most expensive handbag called Diamond Forever, costing $261,000 to own one.

Indeed, such a prohibitive price so much so Chanel only made 13 of these. Even on their other models like their latest Chanel Essential bag produced in smooth calfskin that has a price tag starting from $1525 – $2995.

Yet this bag is only use as a shopping bag nevertheless it still produces the best quality workmanship and design women can ask for.

Another great elegant bag which I dream of owning one is Chanel Classical Matte Alligator Bag. This bag is just timeless, even my granddaughter will surely be proud to walk with one.  Price tag is $26,600

I was surprise though Chanel Classic Matte Alligator bag is out of stock. This I read from a very knowledgeable source Megs Mahoney Dusil from her highly reputable blog Truly a product hard to resist despite the current economic crisis.

However for people wanting designer handbags with budget conscious women like me we can try some authentic vintage Chanel handbags.

Although for some or to those unfamiliar using vintage handbags seems uncomfortable being a used item, it is still a good and wise investment.

Remember these Chanel handbags are of timeless quality. Durable and no matter how you look at it, still has that distinct style of elegance and sophistication. And the price? Well, very reasonable.

RARE Matorasse Chanel Shoulder Bag in White!

RARE Matorasse Chanel Shoulder Bag in White!

Wearing one no matter what the occasion is, a Chanel bag contributes to the person’s personality making them stand out in a crowd.

And lastly getting the right stuff from reputable sites that carries authentic vintage Chanel handbags is of great importance.

One such site is Vintage Designer Handbag by Annieth Wollery. They carry authenticated and verified Chanel handbags. What’s more all of their products are in pristine condition.

Off white Chanel classic

Off white Chanel classic


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