10 Most Amazing Chanel Vintage Handbags

Chanel 2.55 Black3

Here are the latest great Chanel vintage handbags, all are authentic and in pristine condition. It’s really worth getting yourself vintage Chanel handbags, aside from the economic benefits you derive from vintage handbags, one gets the same prestige from brand new one for that matter.  Well I say almost!

Everyone knows how exotic these Chanel handbags are. Remember Chanel 2.55, that classic handbag which set a new direction in handbag styling. I have a couple of those on my list. Ditto with Jumbo Chanel, an oversize handbag very useful for a lot of things.

Methodology I used in choosing my top 10 Chanel vintage handbags are the condition of the bag, the economic value for money of the bag and styling. So why don’t we get right away with our take a glance at these bags who knows you might need one.

However if you do feel you have to heighten up a little bit or just want to browse before deciding, you can always refer the Annieth Wollery’s VintageDesignerHanbagsOnline.com. Annieth an authority on vintage designer handbags can offer you the best authentic vintage handbags all in pristine or mint condition. Her online store by the way is a retailer of authentic rare and vintage designer handbags, mainly specializing in authentic vintage Chanel handbags.

So let’s get it on, roll out the top 10 Chanel vintage handbags!

1. Large Suede Chanel Weekend Bag – Gorgeous large Suede Chanel weekender bag in classic style.  Large size with over flap opening, inner pockets and one outer zipped pocket, double chain strap (movable) in good condition. Classic Chanel

2.  XL Classic Chanel Flap Bag – This is the XL, jumbo version of the classic, much loved by celebrities, one of our most sought after bags. All the classic features, single flap opening and movable chain. Come in lambs leather with black and gold hardware.

3.   Chanel Gold Chain Shoulder Bag– Classic Chanel – Excellent Price. Vintage over flap Chanel bag, in pristine condition.  Long gold chain, with quilted detail and inner pocket inside and outer back pocket.  Also includes a lip stick mirror in the lid of the bag.

4. Executive Caviar Skin Chanel Tote – Classic Chanel – Executive tote, benefits from 2 separate compartments inside bag.  Lovely detachable chain & silk lining. Also this bag is in Caviar skin which is rare to find.

5. Cute Canary Yellow Suede Shoulder Bag – Classic Chanel – Very cute classic suede shoulder bag.  Lovely yellow color, suede is in excellent condition, over flap opening with magnetic clasp, inner zipped pocket and beautiful gold chain.  Double ‘C’ embroidery on base of bag. Suede Leather.

6.Brown/Tan Chain Shoulder Tote – Gorgeously quilted shoulder tote, zipper opening with inner pockets.  Lovely classic quilted design with double chain straps.  Lovely sized bag.

7. Classic Chanel 2.55 – Our best selling bag, and most requested style.  Its a classic and an investment! As this will never go out of style and its one of the most coveted bag. Best ‘hands free’ bag as noted recently in the London paper.  This classic is loved by celebs and one of the most copied bag design. Movable chain strap, double flap enclosure, and back pocket.  Classic quilted design in gorgeous lambs leather. The icon

8. Caviar Skin Chanel Grande Shopper – Rare- classic Chanel shopper with Silver Chain and in Caviar Skin.  Silver chain Chanel bags, are highly sought after and very rare so this is a must have investment.  This is the classic box shopper shape, roomy and stylish to use. Mint/pristine condition.

9. White Vintage Chanel Shoulder Bag – Vintage over flap shoulder bag in white lambs leather, 2 inner zipped pockets, classic quilting and long chain, chain can be put inside bag so it can be worn as a clutch.

10. Dark Brown Vintage Chanel Tote – Classic Chanel – Lovely Dark brown shoulder tote, with classic quilted detail.  Practical and stylish. Two outer pockets, two inner zipped pockets in bag.  Zipper opening with gold Chanel toggle.  Excellent price! Dark_Brown_Vinta_4a79810ee279f

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  1. Very nice list! The 8th bag is my favorite of them all. I have it, bought it last year. 🙂http://www.vintagedesignerhandbagsonline.com/latestproducts/10/

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